Scherer Design Group


Knowledgeable. Skilled. Organized.

We are a consulting engineering firm offering full service site design to the telecommunications industry. Our team is made up of hands-on engineers, technicians, and inspectors with real-world practical experience in both design and inspection. In the over 15 years that our management team has been working together, we have designed over 10,000 telecommunications sites.

We have developed long standing relationships with our clients and industry leaders spanning over 20 years. Understanding that we are part of the overall project team, with the client and other companies, we work cooperatively to achieve our common goal – construction complete; site on-air. In the real world, designs often change to adapt to field conditions and to improve constructability.  We are always accessible and cooperative to keep a project moving forward.

Our intimate knowledge of each aspect of site design and permitting, allows us to take a holistic approach, from the conceptual layout to the final site sign-off. Knowing that decisions made regarding the conceptual layout will drastically impact a sites regulatory approvals and speed to completion, we think the entire project through before beginning.  To that end, we pride ourselves in offering unique designs to improve constructability, reduce construction costs, increase speed to market, and strategically navigate the litany of regulations for each jurisdiction.

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